General Questions

If you are a job holder, you earn a salary every month. You spend some of that amount to manage your expenses and invest the rest to fund your dreams. Similarly when you run, you feel confident and your health improves. You can further use the positive energy to pursue your other aspirations. You will find many examples of how running aids in driving passion and innovation throughout the book.
Whatever is your priority, you will find time for that. Keep running as one of your primary goals and make use of various techniques given in the book to kickstart your running journey.
Best time to do something was yesterday. Second best time to do it is today. Don't wait for perfect time. There is no perfect day or time. Do it NOW. So wear your shoes and go out.
Forming a new habit takes time and patience. When you get better at forming new habits, you can achieve anything in life. The book contains many strategies that will aid your fitness expedition as well as assist in forming new habits.
Running a marathon tests you both physically and mentally. Refer to the step by step approach given in the book to prepare yourself for a marathon.
Running drastically improves the quality of life. When running is aided by proper strength training, it reduces chances of injury. In fact I have met many people who started running in their late forties or fifties and still managed to clock marathons and ultra marathons. Age is just a number when it comes to running. If one remains physically active for entire life, that would be one of the greatest freedoms of life.
Give yourself the freedom to run whenever and wherever you want. If you can’t wake up in the morning, then do exercise in the evening. If you don’t like going to a gym, go to a park near your home. Don’t get constrained if a particular place or time doesn’t suit your choice. Allow yourself to choose freely and embrace the positivity that running brings to life.