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    When Anybody Can Run

    World will experience profound joy and fun…

    Running is probably the simplest form of exercise one can follow. Only thing that is required: Wake up in the morning, tie the shoes and go out for a run.

Section About Book

About the Book


he book "Anybody Can Run" contains many real life stories and practical strategies that will inspire and engage the readers to take up running.

The positivity, passion and energy acquired from running can be used to generate innovative ideas to fulfill reader's life goals, dreams and aspirations.

Build Your Range

Build Your Range

  • Accelerates Creativity
  • Broadens Imagination
  • Constructs Mindset
  • Reinvents Discipline
  • Builds Physical and Mental Strength
  • Builds Self Confidence
  • Builds Internal Stability
  • Builds Social Network
Give yourself the freedom to run whenever and wherever you want. Allow yourself to embrace the positivity that running brings to life.
Use the positivity and energy derived from running to fulfil your goals and dreams.
Coming up with innovative ideas is a great habit. The book will assist you in forming new habits with help of real-time strategies. Innovate to bring personal, social, and national transformation.
Book Chapters List

Keep a book as your close friend, and you will never be alone

Chapter 1

The most difficult time present itself with best opportunities


Chapter 2

My journey from 400 m to 50 km


Chapter 3

Seven SECRETS for running and life


Chapter 4

Age is just a number


Chapter 5

It's a Team Game


Chapter 6

If there is no fun, it's not running


Chapter 7

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together (African Proverb)


Chapter 8

Dealing with the demon: COVID-19


Chapter 9

Discover you passion and purpose


Chapter 10

Build your Range: Applied Innovation


Chapter 11

If you want to be a marathoner, I have a plan for you


Chapter 12

Interviews with Doctor, Sports Professional and Ultra Marathoners

Section About the Author

About the Author


ambit is an EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) Consultant based out of Bangalore. He is an ultra-marathoner, green activist and writer. “Anybody Can Run” is his first book and intends to inspire readers to take up running and use the derived energy to bring personal, social, and national transformation. Read More


Sambit Kumar Routray


Section Sunil

Foreword for the Book


ambit’s tone is honest and so candid that it warms your heart. I like the equanimity with which he states his failures and his victories. There is no greater win than when you come back after almost giving up.

Sunil Robert Vuppula

Leadership Coach, TEDx Speaker, Marathoner, Author of the books “I will Survive” & "Bound to Rise"


Book Launch


IIT Alumnus from the Batch of 2005, Sambit Kumar Routray who currently works as Environment, Health & Safety Consultant has penned down his experience as an ultra-marathoner, green activist and writer in his first book “Anybody Can Run” which was launched today (23th July 2021) at his alma mater. I hope the book will inspire people to stay fit by running. I am glad that the exposure KIIT gives becomes a stepping stone to success and there is no looking back for our alumni. Best wishes, Sambit!

Dr. Achyuta Samanta

Founder KIIT and KISS, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha

Special Acknowledgement


t’s a matter of great pride that Sambit has authored a book that is a guiding light for sports players.

Gautam Gambhir

Former Indian Cricketer, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha

Section Testimonials
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By the time this book has been released, I have run hundreds of 5 - 10 km runs, 33 half marathons, 4 full marathons and 1 ultra-marathon. I could come this far because of hundreds of people who contributed to my life.

This book contains such innumerable life experiences of crossing path with incredible people.

I hope this book will inspire you to find your own calling through running.

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