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You are more Powerful than you think

If you are a book lover, you must read “Connected”. The authors of this book beautifully describe the influence of individuals on their social network. 

When you share a positive news, it spreads through three levels of relationship. E.g. when you tell good news to your friend, he/she shares it with his/her friends and those friends’ share it with their friends. So, the information spreads through three levels at ease. Beyond that level, the impact fades away rapidly making no further impact. 

Same holds true for negative news as well. That’s the reason you may feel happy or sad, when your social network goes through similar emotions. 

When you wake up in the morning and take a glance at the newspaper, there are more chances that you would experience sadness or helplessness (although temporarily) than happiness.

You are more powerful in your social circle than any well known celebrity. 

So, the world where negativity spreads quickly, have faith on yourself. Believe that you can make a difference and impact lot more people than you can ever imagine. 


PC: Peggy Anke from Pexels