In spite of starting his serious running journey just 2 years ago, Nishanth has notched up superlative performance.

5K: 24:27
10K: 49:32
Half Marathon: 1:47:34
Marathon: 4:16:33
Ultra Marathon (50K): 6:11:12

Besides his prowess in running, Nishanth has also established a distinctive identity through his involvement in several iconic projects that laid the foundation for a new era in India. Here are some of Nishanth’s noteworthy works.

1. Network & Security Architect for UIDAI to provide Aadhar card for 140 Cr Indians

2. Setting up MPLS based backbone across the country for BSNL to run Multiplay services – the very first in India including IPTV

3. Setting up network for Core Banking Solution for the first time in South India

Nishanth, who grew up in a small village located in the Kozhikode district of Kerala, did not show any particular interest in sports during his formative years. Instead, he devoted most of his time to academic pursuits.

Upon completion of his degree at the College of Engineering Chengannur, he secured a position at HCL Infosystems. His inaugural work involved establishing a network for core banking solutions for South Indian Bank. Given his relative inexperience, clients initially dismissed him as youthful and inexperienced. Nevertheless, he persevered with diligence and dedication, ultimately earning the role of project lead, overseeing a team of 10 professionals.

After a few years, his hard work paid off, receiving commendations from clients as well as HCL leadership.

In his subsequent assignment, he collaborated with BSNL to establish internet backbone network infrastructure across India. Following a few years of dedicated efforts, the project was successfully completed and inaugurated by former President of India, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, in a widely celebrated event.

Having spent a decade with HCL, he was presented with an opportunity to contribute to the progress of New India. Under the visionary leadership of Nandan Nilekani, the former chairman of UIDAI, various solutions were rolled out to support Aadhaar generation for over 1.4 billion Indians. As a Network and Security Architect with the UIDAI, he worked closely with notable figures such as Srikanth Nadhamuni, Pramod Varma and Amutha Arunachalam.

Having spent 13 years with HCL, it was time to look for greener pastures. Eventually he secured a role at British Telecom, where he started with leading a team of network designers and currently serves as Lead – Digital transformation and Performance.

All this while his health took a backseat as his career graph skyrocketed. He struggled to keep a check on his weight and by 2021 he weighed 95 KG.

In April 2022, he embarked on a new journey to take control of his health. He enrolled for 100 days of Running (HDOR). He clocked 10 KM every single day by walking and running. During that time he met Arun, Ashwin, Pradeep, Kailash and Kaushik from HRA (Happy Runners – Alive & Adventurous) Running Club that truly changed the course of his life. Being in the company of these people helped Nishanth to stay consistent.

On the 98th day of the HDOR event, he ran 25 KM. This run gave him a lot of confidence to set his eyes on the next milestone.

Oct 2022 saw him running his first Full Marathon at the Bangalore Marathon event.

He continued his remarkable journey throughout 2023 by running in the TATA Mumbai Marathon, Kochi Spice Coast Marathon, Kodagu Half Marathon, GKVK Ultra Marathon (50 KM) and Bangalore Marathon.

In addition to running, he possesses a deep desire for exploring nature. In April of 2023, he embarked on an expedition to Everest Base Camp (EBC). This journey lasted approximately 11 days, and along the way, he witnessed awe-inspiring views of the majestic Himalayas. Despite battling “Kumbhu Cough” and enduring harsh conditions, including subzero temperatures and hailstorms, he successfully completed his maiden trip to EBC.

In an era where many struggle to strike a balance between professional and personal aspirations, Nishanth has mastered this dynamic impeccably.

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