In spite of all the negativity that has of late engulfed the beautiful city Bangalore, there is one thing that even entire Europe would envy. It’s the weather. Most Bangalorians consider it a matter of great pride. Except for a few weeks in summer, the weather remains extremely pleasant throughout the year.

If you are a runner, you would enjoy such beautiful weather during morning runs. And if one has absolutely no inclination towards running or any kind of physical activity, it’s a pure bliss to catch up on more sleep during the morning. The city has something to offer to everyone.

If you are a non-runner and you have a change of heart, the greatest challenge that awaits you is getting into some kind of routine. Comfort of a warm bed is so tempting that waking up itself may seem like the most difficult task. Running may seem like a distant dream which is beyond your reach.

Puneet Kaur hails from Punjab and currently lives with her husband Amandeep Singh in Bangalore. Aman is a gym buff and loves workout sessions. For many years, he tried to encourage Puneet to start some kind of exercise, but all his words fell on deaf ears. As Aman persisted, she tried running a few times, but she could barely continue it for a couple of weeks. She was happy to keep herself busy in the household chores and exercise regimen could never make any place in her daily ritual.

They moved to a new apartment in Whitefield earlier this year. She came across a few runners in her apartment and made a fresh beginning in early 2022.

It took her absolutely no time to fall in love with running. Within a few months she became an obedient disciple of the sport. She was keen to learn each day and test her own limits.

Few months back she registered for an event called “Hundred Days of Running” also known as HDOR. This is an event where you are supposed to run for 100 consecutive days. Although she was a newbie in the world of running, she was excited about the challenge. She was driven by a deep desire to put her best effort each day until the event was over.

When you dig deeper within yourself, more likely you will find hidden treasures that are lying undiscovered. Such a voyage is not easy. To say that it’s difficult may also be an understatement. But if you hold your patience and are willing to put yourself under the grind, you will discover goldmine. And Puneet was just about to stumble upon such a momentous occasion in life.

Even after 79 days of continuous running, she showcased outstanding passion and supreme commitment for the remaining three weeks of the HDOR challenge. For the next 21 days, she did something which is simply unthinkable.

Day 80 – 21 K

Day 81 – 35 K

Day 82 – 32 K

Day 83 – 12 K

Day 84 – 27 K

Day 85 – 50 K

Day 86 – 21 K

Day 87 – 21 K

Day 88 – 33 K

Day 89 – 30 K

Day 90 – 28 K

Day 91 – 26 K

Day 92 – 42 K

Day 93 – 35 K

Day 94 – 28 K

Day 95 – 39 K

Day 96 – 32 K

Day 97 – 42 K

Day 98 – 34 K

Day 99 – 42 K

Day 100 – 76 K

Can you believe that she finally completed her 100 days expedition with a 76 K run?

For someone who didn’t even do a 5 K run until 2021, it sounds beyond belief that she ended up being the best runner in her age group (40-44 years) and overall 6th top women finisher in the event.

A couple of weeks later, she showed up for a daunting race at Nandi Hills on the outskirts of Bangalore. She shined as the third best women runner in this event called “The Bull Run”.

It’s my privilege to witness and write about a champion in action.

If you are wondering how she managed to run so much without getting injured, I would soon publish another story that would contain everything she does to remain injury free. From diet and strength training to practicing gratitude everyday make her what she is today. And she finds her husband’s unflinching support as the most important factor that shaped her transformation.

If you are someone who is still finding it hard to find inspiration, I hope this remarkable story of a humble human being would help.

Are you ready to start running?

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