Pradeep started running in 2015 at the age of 42. Within the last 8 years, he has transformed himself from a complete non runner to ultra marathoner.

During COVID19 lockdown in 2020, he created a unique milestone of running 110 KM inside his 3 BHK home in Bangalore, India. He recreated this feat as he ran 111 KM inside his home during the second wave of COVID in India in 2021.

He has clocked more than 14,500 KM by running in the last 8 years. He has covered more distance on foot than the distance between India and USA. This goes to show that with passion and consistency, remarkable milestones can be achieved.

He has founded Run2Rejuvenate running club with the mission to inspire people to start running.

Many people run to achieve personal milestones (e.g. maximum distance, personal best timings, faster pace etc). But very few actually believe and take consistent action to empower others. Pradeep is one such fine example of humility and passion.

He works in a leadership position in one of the leading IT consulting firms. He manages many responsibilities that his job demands apart from his running regimen.

He is a great example of managing professional commitment as well as following your passion.

He has a new found passion for running barefoot while wearing Dhoti. He is fondly known as The BAROTI Runner. BAROTI: Barefoot + Dhoti

His fitness stories are widely covered by various media houses.

He dreams of running across Odisha to create awareness about health and fitness.

His journey has been remarkable. Let’s wish him phenomenal success in times to come.

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