Few years back scientists warned that world is not ready to deal with next Pandemic. But very few people believed them. You can very well see COVID-19 situation as on today. We still don’t have a perfect answer for this virus even after more than a year.

Similarly, scientists have been warning us about Climate Change for last two decades. Yet, we are living our lives as if Climate Change is a hoax or it may not happen in our lifetime. We don’t have much time left before climate change will bring devastating and irreparable damage to the world.

Current Covid19 situation has shown that we must believe science and the scientists.

If you are an EHS Consultant, consider you have a very serious task in hand. It’s no longer only about what gradual changes (e.g. enable IT System) to do to improve customer’s existing EHS processes.

Some questions you need to ask:

  • – Whether your customer’s business is ready to deal with impact of climate change?
  • – Does customer’s long-term vision & strategy encompass sustainable development?

Management guru Peter Drucker, who once was asked, “What is the worst mistake you could make?”

His answer was, “To be prematurely right.”

Picture: youmatter.world

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