I started writing in 2008. I wrote regularly (2-3 times in a week) for almost 6 months.

Thoughts are like waves in an ocean. They come and go. Writing gave me an access to capture those waves of thoughts in words.

At some point I started developing fear whether I would be able to write good stuff regularly. Which meant if the waves in the ocean would be big enough to inspire me to write. The fear got so stronger that I stopped writing completely.

Since then, 10 years passed with blink of an eye.

Now a days when I write, same fear comes back. But this time I found an answer for that fear. Whatever we do in our day today lives, that shapes our thoughts. Those help generating ideas and finally some of those ideas and experiences take shape in the form of writing.

To answer my fear that I may not be able to write good stuff consistently, my response goes like this.

“I wish to live my life with purpose and abundant energy. As long as I am able to do it, there would be no dearth of ideas to write.”

Every time I think of the above lines, fear vanishes instantly. But it comes back from time to time. Now I have taken my fear as a companion that intends to remind me of living life fully.

Thank you all the readers for reading, liking and sharing your comments about my writing.

That inspires me to work even harder.

Have a lovely weekend.

PC: Keith from Pexels

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