Friends are forever, someone said, as I took the last local train to Hi-tech city, Hyderabad. Minutes later I was in the middle of myriad of thoughts, good enough to complete a philosophical trilogy. As rest of the travellers cherished their stories of friendship, I was kept reminded of Amit, my old friend. Amit, the only one who was able to qualify:

Look from the middle, they are plenty,
Come near the sea shore, there is one in twenty.

My heart started pounding as I was engulfed with what happened to Amit and I just couldn’t stop there as I started looking for my Parker pen and a piece of paper.

25 years ago when Earth saw the first glimpse of Amit’s cute face, no miracle happened. However as everyone’s parents from middle class families’ dream of their children to become doctors or engineers, there was no exception in his case as well. Now when he wakes up in the morning, he becomes part of the race, a never ending race of becoming successful in life. He has to work hard at office, keep on improving his skills and go higher up in the carrier. Buy a new home, get married to a simple and understanding girl, take care of children; it has been the protocol for everyone.

His elder brother, Anis dreamed of the same 7 years back and now heads a big organization. Anis is now well settled and has lot of plans to take his company to the fortune 500 list.

The youngest one Arjun, is into final year of engineering and appearing for interviews to get into a MNC and keep his foot on cherished information technology industry.

Until now Amit’s family has given the perspective of a happy family and everyone seems to be happy. But his mother is suffering from one of the most dreaded diseases i.e. cancer and she into 2nd stage. They have very less time left to bring her back to life. If they take 1 more year, she will be into 3rd stage and after that they just have to wait until she takes her last breathe.

Amit has lot of ambitions in his life and his elder brother has to make his company the best among a lot. His younger brother has just 1 year to enjoy his final year, just 1 year to get into a good IT company and just 1 year to enjoy the days with friends, which is the best part of everyone’s life.

They have everything with them except time for their mother.The three brothers don’t have enough time to take care of their ailing mother as they have higher ambitions. What a shame? Shouldn’t they take care of their mother? However the fact remains the same. The mother, who spent all her life just to see her kids to become successful, does not have much time left. All she wants is everyone’s time to look after her.

Our world is heading towards an unknown yet very dangerous, an unseen yet very devastating, an unheard yet very destructive phenomenon, “GLOBAL WARMING”. The earth which supported human civilization for the last 6000 years to achieve the current success, can we let it die? It’s already in the 2nd stage of cancer and we just have 40–50 years left before it dies of the effects of this slow poison. We, the children have to work together to get our mother of this living hell. All our mother needs is time from her children, some time to think of her problems, ways to get her out of this trouble. Mother has heart bigger than universe, so she maintains fine equilibrium between all, even any of her children creates problems. However when her pain becomes unbearable, she responds in the form of cyclones, floods, volcanic eruptions; and those have just intensified over last few years due to Global Warming.

So my dear friends, let’s take some quality time of our busy schedule to help our mother out of this trouble called “Global Warming”.

If not Earth, then Where
If not Now, then When
If not You, then Who…

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