When we start to learn something new, we need to commit some time and energy to learn it. Many times, it requires us to devote time every day. As humans we get so intimidated by contemplating about bottlenecks that we don’t even get started. When we muster some courage to get things going, many unforeseen challenges crop up to stop our progress.

This sounds familiar, isn’t it?

Then what is that thing which can keep us going?

Inspiration lasts just for few days. Motivation doesn’t last forever. Self-belief often gets us going, but as challenges surge, out mind comes up with lot of doubts that instill fear. If we think having a partner to accompany us might help the matters, we may be proved wrong as well. Partner will have his/her excuses as well which will only complicate the matter.

That leaves us with no other reason than “Attitude”. That’s right, our attitude is the key factor that will play the most significant role in our journey. It will help us to stay afloat when tide is high. It will repel all the negative emotions and allow us to channelize our focus and energy to actual objective. It will give courage to eliminate the disapproval of naysayers.

When going gets tough, ‘Attitude’ keeps us going.

What keeps you going?

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